Doping: 1989 IOC Arbeitstreffen Rom, Beschlüsse

Antidoping – Internationale Dokumente / Texte

Beschlüsse IOC-Arbeitstreffen Rom 12./13.12.1989

Rom, 12. / 13. Dezember:
In unification of actions in struggle against doping use in sports

… With the aim to secure equal conditions of competition at the international leel and consolidate confidence among athletes the Parties agreed on the following:

1. – To take practical measures to exclude the use of any doping substance and methods by their sportsmen, forbidden by the IOC Medical Commission.

2. – To implemant measures to combat doping use in the context of multilateral cooperation on the basis of agreements between the national organisations of member countries in full compliance with the principies of the Olympic Antidoping Charter and under the suspices of the IOC Medical Comission.

3. -To envisage the fulfillment of tho following program in bilateral agreements:
– mutual cross testing at and out of competitions; details or which will be defined in each separate agreement

– To share of all doping control resultsamong the participants and of sanctions taken against guilty athletes on an anual basis;

– To support the establishment of consistant sanction among all the organisations responsible for conducting sport;

– To develope joint educational and research programmes in antidoping projects;

– To mutually render assistance in promoting the highest possible quality laboratory capabilities among the participating nations;

– To notify the relevant International Sports Federations, IOC Medical Commission and Coordinating Body of the work carried out in the Context of this agreement.

4. – To hold anual working meetings to review activity and consider improvement to the program to run up working results, to select partners for bilateral cooperaion

for a period of at least two years, to consider proposals for new members joining the agreement to agree upon the coordinating body for the next year.

5. – To render all possible assistance to the IOC Medical Commission ans International Sports Federations in carrying out effective doping control of athletes within and out of competitions.

6. – To encourage other Nations to become active participants in this initiative.

7. – The present agreement comes into effect January 1. 1990 and stys valid until December 31, 1992 and may be extended for the next four years. This docurnent is subject to review and verification by the appro appropriate ultimate sports authority of each nation.

Unterschrieben haben Vertreter von

The Australian Sports Drug Agency / The Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sport / The Czechoslovak Association of Physical Culture / The National Olymplc Committee for Germany / The Sports Council of Great Britain / The Italian National Olympic Committee / The Korean Olympic Committee / The Norwegian Confederation of Sports / The Swedish Sports Confederation / The United States Olympic Committee / The Olympic Committee of USSR