Doping-Geschichte Radsport / doping history of cycling

Doping-Geschichte des Radsports
Zusammenfassung und historische Texte

cyclingnews, 10.7.2010

Pat McQuais stellt sich hinter Lance Armstrong und lehnt Ermittlungen, die sich auf die Vergangenheit beziehen, ab:

„I believe that it’s up to the authorities and the scientific community to catch these guys while they’re doing it,” he added. “Re-opening things from the past and spending a lot of time and a lot of money isn’t the answer.“

„Doping has been going on in sport for centuries. Do we really want to go backwards all the time and keep opening investigations for accusation that someone makes? I’d rather concentrate on the present and future. Since becoming UCI President I’ve tried to work on today and tomorrow. That’s where I we can make a difference.“